Belmyr Bubble-Beard

Dwarf Cleric


Height: 4’ 11"
Eyes: yellow/green
Hair: Mainly gray with faded blonde throughout
Age: 203


Belmyr Bubble-Beard
Early Childhood:
Belmyr Bubble-Beard was born and raised in East Rift. Most of his childhood he was “raised” by his father (Grilrum Bubble-Beard) whom was a miner and a decent blacksmith (as you know most dwarfs are). We use the phrase “raised” because he was always drunk (hence why only “decent” blacksmith) and hardly gave time for his son. He was only raised by his dad because he’s mother (Gwyndelle) was killed when he was a young boy by a ravenous raid of Goblins. Sadly, he only has one memory of his mother and that was of him only being five years old. Belmyr…obviously, grew up hating goblin’s, completely despising them for murdering his mother. He also grew up resenting his father for never avenging his mother’s murder, so he swore he would avenge his mother.

Early adulthood:
Belmyr signed himself into Military school as soon as he was 10 years old and never saw his father again. Belmyr always knew he was going to grow up to be a great warrior and hopefully amazing commander that defeats all the Goblin tribes. He was almost always top of his class in fighting because of his sheer tenacity and height (4’ 11”). As he grew older and stronger so did his hatred for these Goblins. This started creating bloodlust for Belmyr. He wanted to avenge his mother so badly that most nights, if he had trouble trying to sleep, he would sit there and play “how to kill a goblin 100 ways”. He would play it so often he would rhyme on how to kill them while humming this continuous tune. He couldn’t wait for the day he got to kill Goblins.

Later Adulthood:
Belmyr became exactly what he wanted, a goblin killer. Belmyr was a cold blooded killer when it came to goblins. He actually started to become revered in the goblin society as The Crusher. The reason they called him the crusher is because his favorite move involved flatting their skull into the ground. He would knock them prone, have their chin on the ground, eyes looking up, and as he brought the hammer through their skull, their long ears would shoot up and quiver, but only for a seconded and then go limp. Well Belmyr thought the animation of the ears were the best sight in the world. He just loved knowing that’s how they spent their last breath, underneath his bloody hammer. The limp ears always vilified their death. Well unfortunately this lead into Belmyr being blind with rage and doing some despicable thing in times of war. Things even I can’t mention on this paper. This however weighted heavily on Belmyr life and enviably turned him into a drunk… like his father. He began worshipping the dwarf deity Hanseath (quick description of deity: One of the few chaotic dwarf deities, he represents the festive and wild side of the dwarf race, and his follower’s live life large, drinking, carousing, eating and fighting, throwing themselves into the passion that all dwarves feel, but few express.). This lead him into a spiral of just drinking and mindless killing but as he drank more he felt less hatred for goblins and more for himself. He drank because he hated what he become. What if his mother saw him now? She’d be fucking ashamed of the things he’s done. So to coupe he drinks more to sooth the pain of disappointment.
One day, at a battle (he can’t recall which they all start to blend together) he accepted his death. He walked into the battle so black out drunk that he knew he was basically committed suicide. This act of suicide was lead from his own depression, but he was too much of a pussy to just kill himself. So he figured getting blackout drunk and dying on a battle field would at least keep him a martyr who was a goblin slayer. Not a drunk who does despicable things and hates himself. He can’t really recall much other then it being very hot out and him staggering a lot. But what he can remember is this super sharp pain in his left side. Followed by an extremely sharp pain in his gut. He looked down and remember it actually semi sobered him up. He has taken two fatal wounds one in the side and one in the belly. He didn’t even catch a glimpse of who stabbed him all he remembered is being on his back feeling a warm liquid over his hands. In that moment he realized he wanted to live. He was fake, a murder, a killer of innocent, and a disappointment. He begged Hanseath to save him, he screamed out his name (or at least he thinks he did) and told him he’s been a faithful servant. But he received no reply.
While he was seconds away from dying he finally muttered “Please…… help………anyone……?” and for the first time in his life he cried. As the first tear broke the surface, all of his peripheral vision turned into bright white angelic light. In the moment, the most beautiful angelic dwarf women was bending down giving him a kiss. The moment her lips touched his he felt a surge of ecstasy flow through his body. The happiness that flowed through him was unreal. He miraculously was capable to stand up and his wounds were healed. Even though the women wasn’t there, he could still feel her presence pulling him away from where he was. So with zero doubts, left everything there and just followed his nose? (intuition) She guided him to a temple underground where he stumbled upon a denomination that followed Berronar (BAIR-roe-nah). He left his past life behind him and instead tried to find salvation through this new goddess. He does find peace after many years of being a faithful servant. However, although he doesn’t drink as much, he still partakes in over indulging as far as alcohol consumption goes (even for a dwarf) because he still has disappointment in himself.
Late years to present
Belmyr became a faithful man who was deemed as the Lord of the Light. He became renowned for his healing abilities inside of the cities. He also became quite the brewer of alcohol and started becoming a well-known wine/ale maker that would come to the city and sell his wine for not only a great price but also amazing quality. Everything he profited from his alcohol business would obviously donate to the church, but he would indulge in a lot of “taste testing”, as he called it. As time progressed, he started to become known more for his alcohol then his healing, this displeased Berronar. By this point in his life (203 years old) he was a faithful follower of Berronar and she was giving him messages, signs, speak to him etc. One day Berronar felt that Belmyr was becoming too comfortable (and fat) with his current situation and wanted him to expand his understanding as a Lord of the Light. So she sent him on a quest to find this extremely powerful relic. Belmyr, being the faithful servant that he is, thanked the goddess and was on his merry way. However, when he got to where he was guided to, for some reason he found himself handcuffed and being accused of trespassing. This is where we find Belmyr, in prison, a little confused, and curious as to what has just unfolded.

Belmyr Bubble-Beard

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