Koboli Nyëlia

Half elf bow fighter


Age: 26
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 205lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green


Koboli is a half-elf, his father was a human and his mother was an elf.
His parents were involved in something suspicious that is unknown.
Because of being involved in these activities they angered someone important who murdered them. Koboli was was in the woods exploring while this happened.
upon returning to his home he found his parents corpses as well as a strange coin with an insignia he had never seen before. Koboli believes that whoever murdered his parents is linked with the insignia on this coin. Koboli was found by Garbar and Tora a dwarven couple. Koboli was raised by this couple in Fanghur. While out trading at the marketplace one-day Garbar’s house was set on fire, the city authorities blamed Koboli for this incident out of racism. Koboli’s adopted family pleaded to the guards that it couldnt have been him, however, the guards did not see past his race. Koboli is now imprisoned, however, he hopes to one day be released and avenge the death of his parents.

The only thing Koboli knows about his parents is that his father was a very skilled marksman. One of Koboli’s earliest memories is his father teaching him how to shoot an arrow. Koboli has taken up marksmanship to follow in his father’s footsteps, and be prepared to one-day face the person that murdered his parents. Since he was a child his adopted parents let him train under a skilled archer in Fanghur, where he learned most of his bow skills. Koboli is heavily motivated to increase his skills and do what he needs to do to be able to avenge his parent’s death. Koboli attended a school for the dwarf kids in Fanghur. He was treated very unfairly due to his race. Because of this Koboli grew thick skin and stand up for himself in a quarrel. Koboli is aware about the animosity between dwarfs and elfs, but he is not racist towards dwarfs since he was rased by two dwarfs. Koboli eventually got kicked out of the dwarven school for fighting, and began working for the archer that is training him as his personal assistant. Koboli is not skilled in wisdom because of this he believes that he can not be fooled the way he fools others. One of Koboli’s flaws is he is can be swindled by people who are in need of charity. Because he got lucky and was adopted and raised by a dwarven couple, he believes he owes something to others who are in need of charity.

Koboli Nyëlia

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