Adventures in Fanghur

Episode 3: Broken child; Missing mother

Broken child; Missing mother

Angus convinced the party to head towards his home, "The Laughing Barber" upon arriving to his residence they realized that this tavern is unlike most in the Fanghur. It is two stories tall and looks to be more well kept than some of the other taverns they have seen around the city. Once inside they see a very docile tavern with a "female" dwarven bartender. After a few drinks Salogel and Angus were staged to settle their bet from the prison. Upon descending to the bottom floor of the tavern they were greeted by a large arena with at least one hundred spectators thirsty for blood. Belmyr, Kobali, and Yorsuk looked on from the stands as Angus proceeded to pound Salogel. After a few minutes the party was caught off guard, the lights in the underground arena suddenly went out. The deafening roars of the crowd were replaced with silence. As a hooded figure appeared before them, After a brief struggle with the dark assailant Belmyr, Yorsuk, and Salogel were unable to resist the dark magic of Aria. Kobali however was mysteriously able to withstand this dark attack with the aid of the coin he had been carrying for years. As Belmyr, Salogel, and Yorsuk were subjected to an intense hallucination; Kobali briefly engaged Aria. Overpowered he lost the coin that had protected him and was branded with the same dark mark that plagued Angus. Aria told Kobali that if he wanted answers and to get his coin back he would have to meet her in the abandoned mine outside of town. After Aria made her escape the lights went off and on and the crowds thunderous roar returned. Salogel at the time was standing over the unconscious Angus, So the crowd hailed him as their new champion. That night they stayed in Angus's quarters. Upon arriving and starting to rest the party realized that Kobali had been marked. Shortly after Marina Harbard began to shriek and scream. After Yorsuk knocked the door in they saw that Marina was levitating over her bed. in the blink of an eye she disappeared leaving behind only the symbol found on both Angus and Kobali's neck. Shortly after Salogel body slammed a child and broke its arm. 


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